At Clearview, we are committed to excellence throughout an investment’s life cycle.

We have a few simple rules that we follow.

A good deal is a deal that makes money.

     • We will succeed by making money for our partners.

     • To leverage our extensive experience, we pursue hotels across cities, brands,  property types, and capital structures.

     • We focus on the seller: who are they and why are they selling.

A good owner takes a hands-on approach.

     • We exclusively focus on U.S. properties and emphasize frequent communication and site visits.

     • We add value by re-testing the current way of doing things.

     • We focus on re-branding, restructuring management, streamlining expenses,  optimizing rates, and renovating the product.

A good investor builds solid relationships.

     • We have extensive relationships in the hotel industry.

     • We have relationships with “on the ground” general managers and sales and revenue leaders that enable us to gain market insight.

     • We seek investment partners that we enjoy working with and co-invest to maximize the alignment of interests.